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Invest DMC was founded by Dmitrijs Caune in 2010. The company was established with passion for renewable energy but also with a vision to recognize potential investments in other fields. 

The company has been involved in projects in Africa and Europe and has developed quickly from a small firm with a focus on wind turbine projects to a distinguished and trusted investment company.

Dmitrijs Caune, the founder and the managing partner is an experienced investor and entrepreneur with years of proven investments in the field of Real Estate and Renewable Energy.

Using his understanding of the technology, its' potential for a cleaner and more sustainable environment and finally his business savvy and ability to analyze real estate and its potential, Mr. Caune has quickly become an expert in his field which has led in time to the company's financial success.


Invest DMC focuses on commercial properties and renewable energy projects. The fund invests in a wide range of projects worldwide.


Invest DMC specializes in direct investments in targeted fields. We understand the complexities of managing an investment fund and are able to pair profitability with our environmentally responsible principles.


We focus on projects which benefit the environment, creating renewable energy solutions and affording greater accessibility to them. 

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Mr. Dmitrijs Caune
Invest DMC, Owner

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Invest DMC works according to a conservative but creative investment approach. We identify and thoroughly analyze investment opportunities with high profit potential in the medium to long term.

Invest DMC is always searching for investment opportunities with solid business models in sectors we believe in.

Our private equity portfolio includes a wide range of commercial properties as well as renewable energy projects around the world.


Renewable Energy - Invest DMC uses its experience to both invest its own capital and also to assist its investors in finding the right direction and plan for their investment using our extensive knowledge of this field. 

Wind Powered Energy – With investments in Africa and Central Europe, Invest DMC has been largely successful in creating true alternatives to the traditional coal and oil options. 

Commercial Property - Invest DMC uses its capital to invest but also direct investors to real-estate investments both in Latvia and Austria

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